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Useful Tennis Serve Tips


In tennis, the serve bears a lot of significance. When executed correctly, the serve can be used as a weapon against an opponent. On the other hand, where it is executed incorrectly, the serve can expose you to an attack. It is, therefore, important for players, including beginners, to master the serve. You can use a few useful tennis serve tips to help you perfect any problematic aspects of your serve. By following step by step tips, you will be able to master this part of the game as an entire process.


Below we have put together a list of useful tennis serve tips. Be sure to integrate them into your game for noticeable improvements.




Your stance is vital to how you execute the serve. As such, it takes first place in our list of useful tennis serve tips. To execute the correct stance, you will need to stand with your front foot directed towards the right net post, while the rear foot rests parallel to the baseline. Note that this applies for right-handed players. Left-hand players should have their front foot facing the left net post. The stance should be adjusted accordingly depending on the direction you are serving to.




Second in our list of tennis serve tips, is the grip. The grip determines how well you execute the serve. The continental grip is used for the serve. This grip calls for you to grip the racquet like a hammer, perpendicular to the ground. Now place your left index finger between the right index finger and thumb, checking where it is pointing. It should be pointing towards the upper left corner of the racquet. This applies to right-handed players.


Striking the Ball


The serve actually occurs when the racquet hits the ball. A variety of factors come into play here. The tennis serve tips to keep in mind here revolve around swinging the racquet comfortably with enough power, and ensuring that contact is made correctly. To accumulate power, you will need to master backswing elements including swinging the racquet backwards, bending the knees and coiling among others. On the upswing, it is important that the racquet is moving as you swing upwards, while the wrist remains loose.


The Toss


The toss is last on our list of tennis serve tips. Here you need to assume the original stance described above. Hold the ball in the middle of your hand with the thumb resting on top of it; move your hand straight up, only moving the shoulder. Now release the ball at eye level, and keep the arm moving, following the ball upwards. Note that the hand holding the racquet should be moving in sync with the arm holding the ball so as to meet it as it comes down and strike it.


The above tennis serve tips focus on the important aspects of the serve. Note that much more is involved in, executing the perfect serve.

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