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Tennis Forehand Topspin

Tennis forehand topspin

Many time, the word for topspin is mention in live tennis and other ball games. However, many people don’t really understand the tennis forehand topspin. Newbie tennis players you’ve surely heard many times that you can perform topspin by getting under the ball and then brushing up, but in reality, top spin occurs much faster and in a dynamic way.

What is tennis forehand topspin?

Technically, topspin on a ball propelled through the air imparts a downward force that causes the ball to drop, due to its interaction with the air. Topspin is the opposite of backspin.

In tennis, topspin allows a player a greater margin of error. Because topspin drops the ball quicker, a player can hit the ball higher over the net, therefore increasing the margin of error.

Physical Explanation of a topspin

Topspin on a short exerts a downward force which causes the ball to drop because of its interaction with the air. A forehand topspin can be generated by hitting the ball with an up and forwarding swing of the racquet, and the racquet facing below the direction of its movement.

Forehand topspin is a primary but valuable skill a player must acquire to achieve success. Topspin has helped many famous players bag titles.

Topspin makes the ball arch a little higher over the net and to get dropped at a shorter distance without going too far. And it also dodges your opponent as it jumps higher after a bounce and then spins which lets the ball to go directly at the baseline, this spin compels the opponent to make a change in the position at the end time, hence gets him off balance for a strong return. Topspin forehand is also a safe shot as it makes you perform a rally without making many errors. Great topspin forehand gives great consistency to a player.

When to use a forehand topspin

Topspin shot is a very efficient skill on hard surfaces. The ball spins forward and drop down to the ground quicker, allowing it to be hit with more force than any other type of shot. It also allows the ball to bounce higher on court surfaces, consequently it is often most effective on clay court surfaces which have higher bounce tendency, making it harder for the opponent to hit the ball.

Opponent with one-handed backhand are extremely vulnerable to a topspin shot because hitting a high ball with one handed backhand comes with great difficulty.

Hitting Topspin

Mover from low to high

  • Place your racquet lower than the ball and swing with partially closed racquet face
  • Brush the back of the ball with the racquet face, exaggerate the brushing motion to ease the swing of the arm from low to high.
  • Swinging from low to high automatically gives the ball some amount of spin. Always remember to swing from low to high.



Ensure your knees are bent depending on how low or high the ball bounces and the position of your racquet is to the ball (it must be below the ball).

Racquet Movement

You should make sure that the racquet is moving upward and forwards as you are swinging the ball. While doing this try to straighten your legs too.


To finish the shot, your racquet should be positioned above your shoulder opposite the side you impact the ball.  For right-handed players, it is essential to finish with their left hand and catch the racquet above the left shoulder.

To finish a topspin shot, you need to use your wrist. By starting the racquet with a closed face and aiming to hit de ball at 6 o’clock, the wrist snap will be achieve.


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