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Tennis Forehand Tips You Need to Know

Most tennis players are gifted with the natural skills of playing well at forehand compared to a backhand. Since this type of stroke is one that comes naturally, it makes sense that if you devote more time in honing your skills and in practicing this stroke, you can expect having a serious weapon that you can use in any tennis game. There are some tennis forehand tips that you need to know. Here are some of them.


Tips to Consider


Move your feet. Footwork is one very important thing that you need to focus on, not just to enhance your forehand, but also to improve the entire game. Hitting an amazing forehand goes back to properly setting up the shot. This means that you have to move those feet ahead. The moment your opponent starts hitting a shot and you already see where it is going, you have to move right away into position. This also involves a slight turn of your hip, so that it faces perpendicular to the coming ball. If you move your feet to position with your hips open, you are now ready to give that very powerful stroke upon the arrival of the ball.


Lighten the grip. This is one of the tennis forehand tips that make tennis similar to golf. If you want to give that amazing forehand, hit, loosen up your grip. Amateurs have the tendency to hold the racquet firmly. This can result to tension on your arm and muscles. Just allow yourself to hold the handle lightly, but without dropping it. Doing so will enable you to stay loose, thus letting those arm muscles give that quick-winded hit.


Prepare your racquet in the ready position. After preparing your feet and hips, the next thing you would want to focus on is bringing your racquet to the top of the backswing. Failing to do this will reduce your time in hitting the ball. The earlier you prepare, the more time you really have to hit that ball. At the same time, the longer you can expect your backswing to be for more power.


Crack a whip. As you hit your forehand, you can pretend that you are cracking the whip. This is one of the tennis forehand tips that can generate club head speed. As you imagine cracking that whip, apply the same concept in your game, and do it repetitively.


Bottom Line


Just like with other sports, these tennis forehand tips will only be effective when applied and when practiced regularly. After all, there is no better tip than to hone your skills through practice. By applying these tennis forehand tips, you can improve in your gameplay.

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