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Tennis Forehand Technique – Tips You Need to Know

If you are looking towards jump-starting your career in tennis and eventually winning in tennis tournaments, it is highly recommended to learn about tennis forehand techniques first. With this, it is very important that you seek the assistance of a professional instructor who can give you the guidance you need. Before that, read along and consider some tips that you can follow so as to enhance your performance overall.


Tips to Consider


The very first technique that you need to know is determining the best position to play a shot. If you can determine that position, you can have a high likelihood of playing effectively in that position, and then go back to a comfortable position in just a short period of time. Once you finally learn how to execute it well, you can now move forward to slightly bending your knees, and keeping a huge distance between both feet. It is very important that you hold your racket right in front of you so that you can successfully challenge your opponent with confidence.


Another technique is preparing your body so as to make it easier for you to swing in the best way possible. It is very important that you perform some body movements to play your best. For instance, move towards the right position every time you want to track your tennis ball, swinging your shoulders at ninety degree using your tennis net, and extend your opposite hand to your body. At the same time, it is also important to shift the weight of your body going to the back part of your right foot, keeping that foot towards the sideline as well.


When it comes to holding your racket, one of the most important tennis forehand techniques is making sure that you hold it well so that it will not rotate while you are swinging or playing. It should be kept at a straight position, using your entire body in order to successfully playing a shot. Before striking this kind of ball, it is recommended that you push your foot distance away from the ground. At the same time, rotating the upper part of your body, in order to hit the ball with force as fast as possible.


To summarize, these tennis forehand techniques should be mastered accordingly so that you can proceed with other positions and playing style. First, you should firmly hold the racket in order to avoid getting twisted at any point during the game. Second, hit the ball above the waist area, and throwing it towards the hip with as much force as you can. Lastly, hit the ball in an upward direction, and then hitting it in a backward position.




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