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Understanding the Guidelines and Rules of Tennis Singles


Having a full understanding about the guidelines and rules of tennis singles before even the registration process is not only anticipated but it also helps in maintaining the integrity of the game.  It is not really enforced; however, your awareness of the rules is beneficial to the success of the tennis player.  The seasoned tennis players are experts in recognizing the weakness of their opponent.  They will take advantage of you the moment they realized that you do not fully comprehend the existing rules of tennis.


The Basic Rules of Tennis Singles


Learning the rules of tennis singles is not really that complicated.  As a matter of fact, having a clear grasp about the rules is pretty easy and straightforward. In case you have a practical knowledge about the game of tennis, then understanding the rules should not be complex.  Single tennis will involve two competitors; one positioned at one end and the other at the other end.


Starting the Game of Tennis


Prior to the proper game, both of the competitors need to determine the person who is going to serve the ball and the receiver.  You also need to determine which part of the court will initiate the game play.  There are two ways on how to determine the advantage of choosing, they can either toss a coin or spin the rocket.  Tossing coin will involve flipping of the coin while the other party will choose heads or tails.  Spinning the rocket will require the competitors to choose upside down or right-side up.  The winner will have the privilege to choose the side of the court and whether he should receive first or serve first.


The Key Server


To start the game play, the server should start in the middle of single sideline and the center mark.  The server will be serving not just the initial point, but the whole set.  The server will receive only two try to serve.  He will toss the ball and attempt to strike the ball crosswise above the net.  In case the server will step over or on the baseline when he is serving, he should receive a foot fault.  According to the rules of tennis singles, this strips his chance to serve the ball.


The Key Receiver


In order to receive the serve, the player has the option to choose a position anywhere in his side of court.  One of the essential rules of tennis singles that the receiver needs to keep in mind is that the receiver should allow the ball to bounce first after serving before he returns the ball.  In case the receiver returns the ball before it bounces, the server will instantly take the point.


Tennis singles is a competition that is traditionally played in the tennis game, so it is important for you to understand the rules of tennis singles.  It is particularly essential if you want to advance your level of playing tennis.


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