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How to Play Tennis Doubles – Shooting and Techniques to Apply

How to Play Tennis Doubles – Shooting and Techniques to Apply

Playing Tennis doubles is something that involves teamwork and communication. Lots of communication. Besides reflections and great mental ability. Having a partner with whom to play the game to ultimately enjoy victory or share defeat is a great compromise. How many times we have not seen losing a point to a couple because of a mistake of their partner or lack of communication (in amateur games). Many times you would prefer to play on your own but Playing tennis doubles are the most entertaining of all and worth playing. You learn many things, especially the meaning of fellowship.

If your technique with your partner is not very good or does not give the results you expected, maybe these steps will help improve it!

Strategies to Playing Tennis Doubles

Attack the ball

When you are pulling out, your teammate must be in an attack position near the net, ready to pounce on the return of the service if he crosses his path.

Service strategy

Try to make a deep draw to the opponent’s weak spot so you can prepare to attack. In tennis doubles game, it is extra-important to make your first service very good. The return of the player’s serve usually will aim to go to the court to avoid the partner who is in the network.


Directing your shots is especially important for your doubles game, as there are two players ready to return each shot. Your best chance is to target your shots under, above, or between your opponents. If they charge through the net, for example, try to direct the ball towards their feet, it is difficult to return a ball at that low height.

Get to the network

Try to control the game on the net. The mere presence of a lurking player near the net can be intimidating to the other team. Why not duplicate the fear factor? Once you have served, try to move forward to get into a good volley position. On the net, keep the same distance away from your partner and move together, either forward, backward or sideways.


Once you feel comfortable in the net, you can take the balls that are not returned at a very good angle or with enough speed and send them straight back. This move is known as poaching and is one of the key tactics of the best tennis doubles game. Poaching is more common when the player jumps into the net upon receiving a weak return.

The dynamic duo

Remember, even the smartest tactics do not work without teamwork. You and your partner have to think together, move together and play together to achieve your best tennis doubles game. That’s what we try to do when we play together.

Tennis Doubles are an exciting game to play and watch because they are very fast. Playing Tennis doubles is also the opportunity to share your skills and get the best out of your partner’s game.

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