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How to Play Tennis for Beginners


The game of tennis, similar to other sports, requires an individual to know the rules of the game and learn the basic tennis strokes in order to advance to a more professional level. In order to be a good tennis player, a person must first master the rules, as shown below.


Rules of Tennis


  1. Scoring in Tennis


The game of tennis is made up of games, sets, and matches. Typically, an individual must win 6 games, at times 7, in order to win a set. In order to win a match, a player must win 2 sets out of the 3 sets. During the match, points are awarded. The first point is called 15, the second point is called 30, and the last one is referred to as 40.


  1. The Court


The layout of the tennis court is an important aspect of learning the game of tennis. The court will have two sides separated at the middle by a net stretching width-wise from one side to another. The left side is referred to as the ad side, while the right side is referred to as the deuce side. The tennis court also has alleys on either side of the court length-wise in which the ball is not supposed to land in, during a game of singles.


Each side of the court has a service box aptly named right service box and left service box. The aim of a player is to serve the ball into this service box in order to win. If a player is serving from the right service box, they should aim the opponent’s right side and vice versa.


Every tennis court has a baseline (on either side) at the foot of the singles sidelines. An opponent’s ball must fall on or within these lines on the opponent’s side during a rally, any point subsequent to the serve.


  1. Serving


In order to perform the serve in the game of tennis, a player is required to stand on the right side of the court and serve the ball. The player must hit the ball diagonally to the opponent’s deuce side. A player is given two chances to perform a serve, in the event that they fail during the first serve, it is called a fault. Failing to serve the second time is called a double-fault and will result in the player losing the point. A player is then required to move to the ad side of the court and try to serve from there.


In conclusion, these are just the most basic rules and plays in the game of tennis.


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