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Best Tennis Rackets: Types and Features

Best Tennis Rackets: Types and Features

The tennis racket is a fundamental element that we must choose with much knowledge of cause if we want to be improving little by little our level of tennis.

Do you know the main characteristics of a best tennis racket?

To choose a best tennis racket we must know the main characteristics of which a racket is made and also we must know what type of tennis game we play.

If our game is aggressive and we are constantly surfing the net, we are interested in choosing the best tennis a racket whose weight is mostly located in the handle of the tennis racket. This allows us to have greater agility and speed to handle the tennis racket. When getting into the net the reaction time between which hits the opponent and we must bolear is minimal, so we are interested that the racket does not weigh or at least not the weight of the head. This will make us lose power in our background strokes, but as we are not long in the backcourt we should not be a problem.

If we are beginners or play the same time in the back of the track as in the net, it is best to choose a tennis racket whose weight is centered in the middle of the racket, so we will have equally the advantages and disadvantages of the two cases above.

String tension tennis and type of tennis string

The tension of the strings allows us either to have more control over the ball, when the tension is high, or to have more power when the tension of the string is low. You have to be aware that the higher power the less control and vice versa, the more control the less power. We must find, based on practice or tennis buddies that have the same complexion and type of tennis game as us, the ideal tension.

The ideal tension of the strings of the tennis racket is one in which we can take maximum advantage of our strength to give power and weight to the ball, while at the same time we are controlling at all times the direction and effect of the tennis ball.

The type of string also influences, whether it is gut or synthetic or other, but I think that for the beginner and middle levels of tennis any synthetic string serves us and we will hardly notice large differences between one type of string and another.

Thickness of the best tennis racket handle

It is very important that the roughness of the tennis racket handle is large enough so that we can hold the racket so hard that if someone raises the racquet by the head we cannot remove it. If you remove it, it means that either the handle of the tennis racket is too small, we slip out of the hands, or too big, we cannot do all the strength we want because the handle is too big for our hand.

At the ideal size of the handle, when picking the handle of this drive, there should be a space to place the index of the left hand between the index finger of the right hand and the palm of the hand.

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