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Terrific Tennis Academies

As with anything, being a tennis champion comes with hard work and dedication. If you or your child dreams of becoming a tennis superstar, the best thing to do to pave the way to success would be enrolling into one of the best tennis academies. But how do you choose the right one for you?


How to Distinguish the Best Tennis Academies


First, you need to establish why you want to sign up with a tennis academy. If you genuinely want to become a world champion, the best tennis academies have the means to make it possible; but only if the talent (or at least willpower) is already there. If the applicant is a natural-born star, there is a very good chance that they will be awarded a full scholarship. The academies want champions, you see, and most are willing to invest in those with great potential. However, if tennis is simply a hobby, it is not necessary to enroll in a tennis academy. It could work out unnecessarily expensive for something that you don’t take seriously. Pay attention to who is coaching at your chosen academy. Coaches should have a track record, so be sure to do the necessary research. The same applies for the actual academy. It should have a proven success rate. Also keep in mind that the best tennis academies don’t have to advertise. Seek them out. If they are great, they won’t have to pay to lure people to them. Lastly, look for academies that were founded by great players and coaches. This is natural. Who better to teach you to be a champion, than a champion?


The Best Tennis Academies to Consider


Some of the best tennis academies are found outside the borders of the United States. The Good to Great Tennis Academy is situated in Sweden and was founded by NiklasKulti, Mikael Tillstrom, and Magnus Norman. Grigor Dimitrov found immediate acclaim with Good to Great, and another big name to have attended there is Stanislas Wawrinka. The Spartak Tennis Club can be found in Moscow, Russia. The interesting thing is that due to the harsh climate, outdoor training only occurs for four months a year. This doesn’t hinder them at all, as they led Anna Kournikova to tennis superstardom. There is also the Pilic Tennis Academy in Munich. Run by the legend Nikola Pilic, this academy gave rise to one of the greats of our time- Novak Djokovic!

But if you are looking for something closer to home, the Sanchez-Casal Tennis Academy­ is a winner. Founded by Emilio Sanchez Vicario and Sergio Casal in Barcelona, Spain, it has a base in Florida. What makes the Sanchez- Casal Tennis Academy great is that it has an educational facility on the grounds, meaning that academics won´t fall short or take second place to sport. The Gorin Tennis Academy ranks high in lists of the best tennis academies as well, and it is situated in North California. This Academy is known for players the likes of Jimmy Wang, Igor Kunitsyn and Dmitry Tursunov, who have each been ranked in the top 100 tennis players.

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