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Basic Rules Of Tennis

Basic rules of tennis

Tennis is a racquet sport that is practiced on a rectangular tennis court (composed of different surfaces which can be cement, earth, or grass), delimited by lines and divided by a net. It is disputed between two players or between two pairs (doubles). The objective of the game is to throw a ball by striking it with the racket so that it rebounds inside the opponent’s field, trying not to be able to return it.

Tennis is one of my favorite sports. Throughout the history of this sport there have been great players that will remain in the memory of all forever.

Now at the time of starting in the world of tennis to anyone can arise the doubt of what are the basic rules of tennis? These are the basic rules of tennis:

Surface of the track: The various surfaces of the track affect the boat of the ball in different ways. The red track of clay or beat is the slow one; Makes the ball dribble slower and higher. The fast track is the one of grass, it makes that the ball moves more quickly when it boots. The track is a rectangle of 23.77 meters long by 8.23 ​​meters wide. It is divided in its half by a suspended net with a height in its central part of 0.914 cm and in its ends there will be a height of 1.07 mt.

Basic rules of Tennis Classes

You are short: It is played using light rackets and sponge balls. It is played on a smaller, badminton track. With a bottom line of 6.1 m and a lateral of 13.14 m.

Tennis of transition: It is a transition between the short and the actual tennis. It uses a normal individual tennis court with bottom lines.


Basic rules of Tennis Score System

Game or Game: When the player wins four points called 15.30.40 and play.

Same or Deuce: When the score is evened (20-20), it continues until the player gains two points: the advantage point and the game point.

Set or Sleeve: Win the set the first player to win all six games, but must win at least two sets of difference.

Match or Match: A match usually consists of three sets (five in the male professional matches)

Rules of service: The first service of each game is taken from the right side of the track. Each player is served during a full turn, and the side of the track is exchanged during every two games.

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